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Braking Good Series | Part 3 | Max Duty Brake Pads Three Key Differentiators

Momentum USA, Inc. has introduced a new brake pad offering as an extension of AmeriPLATINUM, Max Duty. These brake pads will be the most complete pads offered by AmeriBRAKES providing three levels of protection for fleet, emergency service, and other severe duty requirements.

Utilizing revolutionary A.R.M. - R.A.C. Technology, these pads are equipped with Advanced Retention Method (A.R.M.) using a mechanical attachment. This will provide the most secure, strong, and safe manufactured brake pad. Rust Abatement Coating (R.A.C.) helps prevent possible pad delamination and premature wear using zinc coated galvanized technology. The A.R.M. – R.A.C. technology helps with NVH issues and helps to ensure a quiet brake system.

With 100% copper free materials, Max Duty pads are manufactured to world class quality standards. By mitigating ‘Rust-Jacking’, these pads will have the benefit of longer life. 100% manufactured and distributed in North America, Max Duty pads deliver dependability, exceed expectations, and provide peace of mind in the most severe conditions.

AmeriPLATINUM Plus Max Duty brake pads are now available for distribution and sale. Get ready Max Duty and equip your fleets with the most rigorously manufactured brake pads that AmeriBRAKES offers.


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