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The OEM Exhaust program covers the most often replaced exhaust parts. Our program consists of welded assemblies, converters, flex tubes, and gaskets.

Manufactured and assembled in the Hopkinsville, Kentucky-USA, we have thirty-four (34)+ years of experience in CNC tube bending, design, and manufacturing. Our direct fit, all aluminized pipes are produced to match and interchange directly with most major automotive aftermarket manufacturers. Our capabilities extend beyond the automotive aftermarket; our CNC tube bending and welding capabilities are versatile to support other industries requiring the fabrication equipment and skills we possess.  Our growing SKU count of welded assemblies covers a wide range of domestic and import vehicles.  Our high quality systems will bolt up (and interchange easily), to many other common aftermarket exhaust systems. Every system is vehicle tested before being released for sale.  Continual and consistent quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process safeguard the right part and the right fit every time.



A growing product segment requires a focus and investment both of which Momentum is committed and determined to stay ahead of the market in all key metrics. Flexible and efficient manufacturing help make our converters highly competitive. Our quality and performance meet or exceed OEM specs. We have a strict adherence to the proper chemical technology (loads) that deliver consistent and highly efficient loadings for lower cost with better converter efficiency. The OEM Converter program offers a competitively priced direct fit alternative to the higher priced majors without compromising quality.

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