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Ontario, Canada

Light to Severe Duty Brake Pads

Brake pads

R&D, Product Engineering,

& Prime Manufacturing

  • R&D and Product teams expertise encompass all major engineering disciplines: Chemical, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical

  • PhD chemist and material science formulator on staff

Prime Manufacturing

  • 100% North American manufactured brake pads – Light Duty Automotive to School Bus and Air Disc Tractor Trailer

  • Flexible manufacturing process allows for unique and differentiated private label programs designed to meet and exceed customer's vision

  • 100% copper free materials - Meet and exceed year 2025 “Green” Regulation requirements



  • We can and do implement Factory Direct Programs

  • Short lead times for all North American customers – North American based manufacturing and distribution

  • Less on hand inventory required

  • New World Friction remains an uninterrupted manufacturing service and supply source during recent Global Tariff, Pandemic, or other unanticipated global crises

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